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Terms and conditions plugin WordPress how to write terms and conditions

Terms and conditions plugin WordPress This terms and conditions plugin WordPress is a necessity and not a option. Google and all major engines look for Terms of Service, Spam Policy, […]

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infographic maker how to make an infographic

infographic maker how to make an infographic Here is awesome infographic maker that lets you make an infographic online with just a few clicks.   I am already using it for […]

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Metadata definition json dublin

  Why use metadata definition json Google and all other search engines have been advising webmasters to start using the metadata definition also known as markup.   Search Engines want […]

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manage multiple wordpress sites plugin

Manage multiple WordPress sites plugin Managing multiple WordPress sites wastes time and money Installing multiple WordPress sites is a time consuming and monotonous and totally boring task.  Yet it is […]

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Install WordPress Offline

How to install WordPress Offline Easily and Fast   Get It Now While The Low Price Lasts Act Now This is a completely new & rapid way of installing a […]

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Domain name suggestions

New Domain Suggestions Tool Check out my domain name suggestions Review and discover hows  this affiliate WordPress plugin turns your Word Press site into a domain name search and purchasing […]

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