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Why use metadata definition json

Google and all other search engines have been advising webmasters to start using the metadata definition also known as markup.   Search Engines want to serve the best possible sites to their users.  Even though Google spiders are super efficient and very fast at finding and collating information, the sheer size of new sites and articles and information being published makes it impossible for (even the most powerful search engines such as Google) to determine accurately the nature of the content of a site.

Search engines are very good at finding out what a site is all about, but, the use of metadata definition makes the job of figuring out what a website, post or page is all about so much easier.

Why use JSON metadata definition

There are many ways you can add metadata to your site, page or post: one is using the Dublin metadata. This is a valid and popular metadata method.  But as webmasters we want to use what Google loves for obvious reasons.  Google loves JSON and this is a good enough reason for us to use JSON.

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Adding JSON metadata definition can be complicated

If you are new to setting up WordPress sites, the process of adding JSON metadata to your pages and posts can be a nightmare.  Just like all other code related challenges, even the slightest error will cause your markup to fail,  and this will cause frustration, time loss and profit losses.

Thanks to this new plugin we are promoting, every webmaster new or or seasons can now enjoy the benefits of adding JSON to their websites–easily and fast and with the click of a button.

Metadata Definition for Dummies

Take a look at how easy it is to do so.  When you buy this JSON WordPress plugin you do not need to know anything about JSON, or go looking for Examples of Metadata schema

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