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Waiting for a windows desktop application for TODO Cloud?

If you are like me, you have learned to adore and rely upon the wonderful to do app for iPhone and iPad .

For more than 6 years I have relied upon Appigo to sync my tasks and notes and other important scheduled items.   I loved the fact that I could quickly sync my iPad and my iPhone with the cloud application.

Windows 7 users rejoice

However. as a Windows 7 user I found myself disadvantaged and inconvenienced by the fact that there was no way for me to use a desktop taskbar program which I could quickly use to add notes and tasks fast and as they happened.

Being online most of the time, I get quite a few “quick insights” that require a fast input.  This is where Appigo let me down totally.  The only way for me to add my notes and my new tasks and todo list is to go online and log on the cloud program.   Doing so is incredibly tedious, slow and often times impossible.  The cloud seems to be so busy at times I had to wait for up to 30 seconds or even a minute to logon.

buy windows application for todo

Features of Task Angel and TOODLEDOO todo list

Additionally I often travel to areas that have no internet connection or wi-fi.  So I was forced to write notes using my notepad and then transfer them to TODO Cloud when back online.

I need not tell you how annoying that is.  However, I endured with  because I thought there was literally nothing else.  I was also hoping that sooner or later they would develop a Windows desktop app.   Hundreds of users joined me in the plea for a Windows app.

When I read a reply stating that a Windows program was not even considered, I decided to look elsewhere.

And, as always, I found the perfect answer.  Now I regret waiting for so many years. I could have enjoyed full functionality and I could have saved so many hours of inconvenience and annoyance.

The product I am referring to is Task Angel

This delightful little  program takes no space at all.  Works like a charm both online and offline.  And SYNCS perfectly with Toodledoo an online app that is so far superior to the slow and tedious TODO Cloud.  And would you believe it?  It is FREE to use.

buy windows application for todo

Syncs automatically with the online todo app

The Toodledoo Apps for iPhone and iPad and Android are only a few dollars to buy and they are wonderful to use.

But for me a Window 7 user,  Toodledoo and Task Angel have opened up the door to incredible productivity fast interaction and to so many more features .

So Appigo has lost a long devoted and faithful customer.  And Task Angel and Toodledoo has gained a grateful and empowered business person.

Thank you Task Angel and Toodledoo for creating the perfect business organizer for me.