video presentation maker create marketing videos online

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video presentation maker create marketing videos online

This cool video maker is a video presentation maker that lets you create marketing videos online. You already know how passionate I am about video marketing online and I how I promote many promo video ideas and video production for business applications.  I do this because using video for marketing purposes works big time.


video presentation maker create marketing videos online


Brand new video presentation maker with video voice over!

When it comes to web video marketing, we know that people react best when they see other people they like.  Seeing people is one factor: this is the reason why online advertisers use attractive people on their product commercials graphics.

A video cover with a pretty (or handsome) face is likely to motivate browsers to click on your video–we all know that.

However; when it comes to making promotional video production the most important and often forgotten factor is the voice over.

Some explainer videos can get the message across quickly and efficiently without voice over.  This is particularly true when the sales videos it promoting a well-known product or service, an incredible bargain, or a celebrity product line.

However, if your product commercial is selling an expensive item or service, a complex idea, or requires an emotional reaction from your viewers you need the service of a professional spokesperson.

The voice must be pleasing, the spokesperson must be attractive (for video productions of course :-), and the mannerism must be sincere.

You know how you react when you hear a corny and overacted TV commercial right?  How do you feel your viewers will react if you choose the wrong voice or voice artist for your videos?.

Unfortunately, good voice over artists are expensive.  Hiring voice over artists can be expensive even when you order through online agencies.   This is the primary reason why most video presentation makers omit using voice over video.

Incidentally,  I do not have to tell you why using those creepy robot voice machines will make your visitors cringe and run.


The cheapest way to create marketing videos with the best voice overs

Finally one of the most respected developers of high quality video editors and HD video production software has come up with a brilliant idea.  He is offering a video marketing production software that uses video editing templates.

Each template includes changeable backgrounds and even lets you use your own backgrounds and images if you prefer/ .

The application includes easy to use video marketing tools applications that you activate at a click of a button.  With these tools you can change the text message on the template and many other options.   Take a look at the video below!

Take a look at how easy it is to use this awesome video presentation maker.


video presentation maker create marketing videos online


My recommendations when purchasing this awesome marketing video suite

I am making these recommendations based on my own experience.  I do not make recommendations unless they bring value to my visitors.  Yes, I do make a small commission when I sell graphic and video products But if the products do not bring value to you I will not recommend them.

IMPORTANT:  These options below are only available after you have purchased the Video Presentation Maker.

However, if you have already purchased the Video Presentation Maker, and missed out on the upgrades you can use these links to order them now.  Make sure you use the same email address you used when you purchased the Video Presentation Maker

After purchasing the video presentation maker you will see a few special offers.

  • The Upgrade Option.  This upgrade option offers you.
    • 70 Additional Actors Spokesperson Template
    • 40 Backgrounds.  These beautiful backgrounds will appear in your account on top of the existing ones
    • More Royalty Free Sound Backgrounds.  You get 40 more soundtracks you can use with your videos



  • EZ Spokesperson Creator – Jump Start Agency
    • This is one of the most exciting offer.  It is one that can help you start your own business.  It is so exciting, I am including more information below.  But first take a look at the introduction video!



video presentation maker create marketing videos online


A new video presentation maker for your own video production service agency!


Here is a chance for you to start your own video production service.  Yes, you read right!  Even if you have no idea how to create a marketing video, you can now sell marketing videos online.  This is what you get when you opt in for the Jump Start Agency Upgrade Option.

  • An unlimited licence to sell your voice video productions online.
  • A beautiful, fast-loading video sales website specially designed for marketing videos loaded with features.
  • A ton (and I mean a ton) of video marketing material, tips, training and other essential components to ensure your success in your new business selling marketing videos.


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