Tools for web development easy web development tools

Tools for web development

The webmaster tools blog will provide you with valuable information about the best and most recent tools for web development and web application design software.

Here you will find all the web components you need to create a quality website design that is interesting, attractive and fast loading.


An outline of the best tools for web development

In the last five years, I have spent thousands of dollars on web development software programs, plugins, and widgets.

During this time, I have discovered the essential tools for web development which lead to a quality web design that looks good, loads fast and converts well.

These programs and applications will save you hundreds of hours in web development and will show you how to create professional websites easily and fast.

In order to help you find the tools you are looking for, I have divided them into categories. When you look up at the top of this screen you will find a menu setting. Hovering on the menu will reveal subcategories.

Clicking on any of the categories or subcategories will take you to a page that lists all of Windows and Mac web design software, graphics editors, video editors and applications that will enrich your website and save you money and time.


The three best tools for web development categories

There are hundreds of thousands of web development applications and associated software.

I have outlined below what I have found to be the easiest, most effective and least expensive web developments tools categories. Please use the menu above, the search box, or the sitemap to find what interests you.


  • website development

    • After testing hundreds of different designs and platforms, I can categorically state that the WordPress Platform is the easiest, fastest and most efficient website platform I have found.
      • WordPress offers you the ability to create professional looking websites in minutes.
      • It comes with several ready-made templates that will get you started. You can also find hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes online that fit every possible online application.
      • There is a huge range of widgets and plugins (these are components that add more features to your WordPress website. Once again, a lot of these widgets and plugins are free.
      • Search Engines love WordPress sites because of their attractive and well-organised structure.
      • Your only concern is to make sure to…
        • select a theme that is fast loading and use as few plugins as possible. WordPress has a lot of lines of code and many components. If you load too many plugins and widgets, you risk causing the site to slow down. Slow loading speed is a factor in your website ranking.
        • install a good firewall and use complex passwords. Hackers worldwide target WordPress sites. A good firewall will protect it from attacks. Using a complex password is good advice for any online application.


  • video creation and video presentations

    • My primary choice for creating explainer videos and online presentations is Explaindio.
    • Explaindio is without any doubt the easiest and most affordable video creation software you can buy. I was able to start making professional videos in minutes after logging into the online account.
    • It comes with tons of preloaded video templates you can adapt. There is also the option of subscribing to a monthly template club.


  • Graphics, infographics and creative web design tools

The internet is hungry for quality exciting graphics. I use several exciting online graphics editors that allow me to create beautiful, professional-looking graphics for all my websites.

  • The Best Graphic Editor Online Software
    • Easy to use, fast, inexpensive and online. Log in, pick your template and instantly create beautiful images, Facebook Covers, YouTube Covers, Facebook ads, Quotes, Infographics etc.
    • You can purchase additional templates and also subscribe to the graphics template club.


WebMaster Tools Blog Mission

The mission of is to …

  • Help new webmasters quickly learn the most important components of quality website designing
  • Share web design tips which will prevent you from making the fatal errors that can cause your site to fail.
  • Create a catalogue of the latest tools available for web development such as …
    • Easy to use website creators.
    • Excellent website themes, useful plugins, and smart widgets that can increase your online income.
    • Online graphics editors that are easy to use and that produce still and animated image.
    • Video creators and editors that require minimal learning and produce professional marketing videos.
    • And anything else that can help you find ethical online business opportunities.


The WebMaster Tools Blog will always be free of charge

I also made a resolution to never charge a membership fee or monthly subscription costs. I have kept this promise for the last 5 years and will continue to do so indefinitely. Additionally, I do not collect e-mail addresses and do not have “lists” so I cannot spam your inbox. My income comes solely from sponsored advertisements I have placed on the sidebar. I also receive small affiliate payments for some of the products I show on this site.  

How to receive updates about new tools for web development

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Tools for web development easy web development tools


Tools for web development easy web development tools

Tools for web development easy web development tools update 6 December 2016.