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The predict lotto numbers hypnosis project is a fun but also very serious effort at helping people with their lottery predictions efforts.

Whilst I cannot possibly claim that I fully know how to win millions, or predict the lottery, I can assert with confidence that the human mind is capable of displaying extra sensory abilities that science cannot explain.


I have seen evidence of this time after time.  During my Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis studies I witnessed “normal individuals” display incredibly advanced ESP abilities, including the ability to foretell future events and accurately diagnose medical conditions of people they did not know.

Chances of winning lotto

The chances of an individual being able to predict even one lottery ball out of the 45 being drawn (most Australian games with the exception of Powerball use 45 lottery balls per draw) are minimal.

Even after using complex mathematical systems the odds against the player are staggering.

In my personal experience (and I have tried them all :-)) analyzing frequencies of numbers and lottery results does not produce any valid results.  If you pick your lottery numbers using this method you are most likely to be wasting your money.

Yet, time after time, my customers are able to predict 3, 4 and even 5 lottery numbers using my video.

During my personal testing of the generic video, I predicted 5 numbers and won a nice prize in the Australian Lottery.

I also know of a customer who was able to pick 5 numbers in Mega Millions Lotto, a popular US lottery game, but did not play them because he did not believe they would come out.   He tells me he has not missed a draw since 🙂

For sometime customers have been asking me to produce a shorter audio only file that could help them in their lottery predictions for numbers drawn on Saturday.


Chances of lotto prediction

The task of producing an effective 15 minutes hypnosis session is not an easy one.  I was also faced with the task of having to alter the brain entrainment tones, and making them effective even in such a short period of time.

Recent studies show that shorter brain entrainment sessions are in fact more effective than the traditional 30-45 minutes ones.  I am suspecting that effective lottery predictions and winnings can also happen using a shorter induction, and lighter hypnotic states.

This short audio will help you improve your lottery winning chances and get pleasing results.  My system has already proven to be a valid product and certainly worth the $10 price tag.

Needless to say, the moment one of my customers wins a major prize the price will go up to $100.   The video’s cost will go up to $500.

If I win lotto I will remove this product from sale for obvious reasons 🙂

Predictions audio file compatibility

The audio file is compatible with the iPhone and other smart phones and tablets.  It is a high quality Mp3 format.  So now you can have your very own lottery predictor file in your smart phone.

The audio also includes brain entrainment tones and a technology that is  capable of driving your light goggles.  Please use headphones to get the benefit of the embedded tones.

During the testing process I distributed the hypnosis session to a group of people.  The first tester predicted 4 out of the 6 lottery numbers and won a nice sum of money (90 Euros).

I have decided to offer this audio at a special introduction price of $10.   I will also be sending a free copy of the audio to all my customers who purchased the video version.

I know this short audio file will produce many small wins and possibly even a major jackpot.

Directions of use of lotto predictor audio

Please use this audio only once a week to pick your lucky numbers.

You may want to use the hypnosis session only when a mega draw promises to pay large dividends.

Even if you do not win the big one, you are still winning because the hypnosis session will relax you and destress you.

Using my system to pick your lottery numbers will make it possible for you to get good results even when playing one game, or one ticket.  So there is no need to purchase hundreds of tickets each week.

Please play responsibly and never gamble more than 3{785ffd5b73dcc40f79016be9436f9255b4101a4f5da20f0bac4b22f1e51874a6} of your weekly income.  Buy a lottery ticket once a week can be fun and rewarding.  Gambling can ruin your life.

As with all my other brain entrainment audios and videos please do not use these if you are under any form of psychiatric care of if you are taking medication for epilepsy.  Please check with your doctor before using this audio.

Good luck to us all.

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