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Backlink Generator Link Building Strategies with effective results

A good backlink generator will help your site rank higher in the Search Engines.

Creating a good looking, interesting website and populating it with quality content is relatively easy, especially if you use WordPress.  

Learning the best link building strategies is, of course, the most daunting task for Webmasters, especially new ones. This webmaster’s article is how to get links to their new websites.  You achieve this by using a wonderful backlink generator I discovered recently.

Effective link building strategies are vital to the ranking of your site on the Search Engines and Google in particular.   Whilst there is a lot of talk about link building SEO no longer being relevant to ranking sites in Google, I see no evidence whatsoever to support this claim.

My personal experience is that the sites which have the best link building strategies are the sites that rank on the top page of Google.  

Examining link building strategies 2014 show no change in the importance of having quality links to your website.

Of course site and page authority rules when it comes to appearing on the first page of Google, but unless you are CNN, FOX, or some VIP movie star, your chances of getting an 8 or a 9 page rank are 0.    

These sites do not even need to have good content to rank high in Google.  I have seen very poor content from such sites rank higher than privately owned websites.


What is a Backlink Generator Service

Link Building is the process Webmasters use to have other sites link to their websites and individual pages.  

The little known fact is that a site that only has links to the main index page (the page that shows up first) will not rank as well than a website that has links to all of the pages.

So the first thing to remember to include in your link building techniques is to make sure that your website has more than one page or post and that you build links to each of these pages and posts.



Best backlink generator


Using a Backlink Generator SEO Link Building Strategies 

  • Create interesting content. Rather than rewriting or spinning content (yuk), create interesting content that will help people find solutions to common problems.
    • You do not need to be an accomplished writer to achieve this.  Most readers are more interested in the quality and usefulness of your content than how pretty it looks.
    • So, for example, if you offer link building services, write an article about the “the most common mistakes in link building and how to avoid them”.
    • This will interest many new Webmasters.  If you help people solve a problem, they will want to link to your blog or website and read more.


  • Do NOT under any circumstances buy cheap links from dubious providers.  Some of these services are rated with 5 stars because they offer incentives to customers to give high rankings.
  • When I first started building sites I noticed that the sites would appear on page 3 to 5 of Google without any links. But after purchasing links from 5 star sellers the pages disappeared from the entire register.
  • Of course, I could do nothing about recovering them.
  • When I further investigated these links, many of them were from spammy sites, fraudulent sites, and even sites that triggered firewall alerts for malware.
  • Cheap $5 links selling providers almost invariably use automated robots.   It is not financially viable for any person to manually build quality links for $5.
  • Create blogs and social media sites and populate these with short articles.  Facebook has a huge following and makes it possible for you to target specific types of users.


Do use the services of reputable link building services.

Using this new White Hat link building services that use manual link building strategies quality manual links from Authority sites that are directly relevant to the content of your website.  

These are legitimate and well-established businesses, not fly-by obscure individuals.  

The reputation of their business is on the line and many of them have been in business for many years and have a huge rate of success.


Services that deliver quality link building strategies

We are constantly looking for link building services that offer a white hat service and that provide quality manual backlinks from high ranking, high PR websites which relate to the content of a website.  

If you have had a PERSONAL experience with a quality backlinks provider please let us know and we will include a link to this page.  Click on the link below to view one of these services.

I updated the backlink generator page on the 6th Nov 2016.