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Searching for the best free stock photos royalty free 

The Internet is all about images and videos.  Fast broadband speeds are now making it possible for webmasters to publish high quality pictures and high resolution videos on their sites without concerning about their sites’ speed.

There is no question about it, if you want to attract visitors and retain them you simply must offer them interesting pictures and videos.  Let’s face it when was the last time that you spent more than a few seconds on a site that was purely text?

Free to use images are hard to find

As you may have noticed every post and and every page on the Webmaster Tools Blog contains at least one picture and one video.  I will be writing more about the importance of this in a future article, but for now take this advice on notice–every page and every post of your site MUST have video (preferably YouTube) and a quality interesting image–possibly one that is a real photo of a person (the better looking the person the better for your site).  So you will definitely need to procure Free To Use Images that are interesting and engaging.

The problem with images that depict people is that they are subject to copyrights.  This applies even if your site is a non-profit websites.   Being hit with a copyright lawsuit can devastate your business, especially if you are just starting.  Additionally the more successful your site is and the higher the lawsuit recovery cost will be.

Scraping pictures from Google Images or search engines results (even those that are marked Stock Photos for Free images or free image for commercial use) opens you up to becoming the recipient of a lawsuit,  This is because you do not know who posted the “royalty free” image in the first place.

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Free to use images that are royalty free are expensive

When I started to create videos I was shocked by the high prices being charged for Copyright Free Image Sites royalty free photos and videos–even those that were of poor quality and that lacked composition.  I also noticed that the licences imposed on buyers were pure extortion.  Yet these rip off sites were getting lots of sales and tons of buyers.

The number of sites offering royalty free images have increased dramatically but the prices and the licenses have not really come down that much.

Where to get Free To Use Images Royalty Free Stock

You can now buy free to use images and videos that are royalty free and you will be able to use these royalty free images for commercial use without fear of a lawsuit.

The cost of this particular offer is so ridiculous that even if you find one picture that you like and can use and one video, you will have received your investment value 100 times.

This offer also includes bonus media, sound tracks, effects, and so much more.  I have purchased my copy and have found so many quality images that I can use–including a nice selection of good looking models both male and female that have a transparent background–essential for what I do.

royalty free stock

Why procrastinate and lose the opportunity to secure a true bargain.  I would not post this offer here unless it was good value for my readers–I insist that all the offers published in the Webmaster Tools Blog must offer value for money.

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