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Facebook Instant Articles News Feed

The recent launch of Facebook Instant Articles News Feed created an immediate interest from major publishing companies and major brand names.


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Facebook Instant Articles what is it and why?

With their massive reach in the Social Media arena, Facebook knows what works and what does not.

Facebook knows that in order to remain the major player in cyberspace they must take care of their members. 

Facebook Instant Articles for Smart Phones

Smart Phones are becoming smarter and larger and better able to deliver a good internet experience.  

Trends tell us that mobile phone users are now surpassing desktop users.  

Smartphones are increasingly being used to buy merchandise, browse the Internet, and read news items. 


Advantages of Facebook Instant Articles over posts

Facebook recognized the need to speed the delivery of information to their mobile users.

Facebook loading time of websites, videos is notoriously slow, causing drop outs, and a certain level of annoyance. 


Enters “Instant Articles”

Facebook Instant Articles News Feed

Instant Articles load “instantly”-and that is very very fast :-).

The advantages of using instant articles to publish interesting stories, editorial, and subtle marketing promotions needs no explanation.

The downside of Facebook Instant Articles

It appears that developers live in a world of their own. They somewhat believe that the rest of the world knows how to code. 

They somewhat believe that the rest of the world knows how to understand code.

They also think that app users will telepathically understand how to use the new apps.  

The end result is that great ideas never reach their intended users because they are so complicated to operate.

This is definitely one of the disadvantages of writing articles using the Facebook News Feed platform.

Fortunately for me (and many of my readers), there are other developers who are in touch with the real world.

The producers of this wonderful news publishing software are definitely on the ball.

This software makes News Feed Publishing push button easy.

They also offer you free facebook instant articles tutorial, support and much more.  

The product was recently launched and those who come on board in the Early Bird period are in for a treat.

So with this wonderful software, we can all become Facebook instant articles publishers.

But even if you are late and miss out on all the great deals you are still a winner.  Go take a look now!

Facebook instant articles publishers 

Facebook Instant Articles article was published on 26/10/16.