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Why use the best  link indexing service

The best way to make your links and  work for you

In this review I discuss the importance of having the best quality backlinks to help your site rank is not something I need to write about.

The Best Backlinks Indexing Service at a low cost


If you are not sure about what makes backinks toxic, I suggest you best look out for a future review on the subject.   There is not enough written about them because there is no profit in telling you about them.

Just one toxic link can have a devastating effects on your search engine ranking and damage even the best site’s reputation.

What is a link indexing service?

It surprises me that many webmasters (even some of the more experienced ones) are unaware of the vital role that submitting backlinks using a quality link indexing service has on their SEO strategy.

When I first started promoting my sites to the search engines I spent many hours reading review after review on link building software.

I also searched for the best blogs and the best article directories  where I could contribute  and obtain a precious backlink.

I did not learn this from anyone,  it just made sense that the more people establish backlinks to my site, the more likely it is that search engines will take notice of that site and rank it to a more prominent  position.


The Best Link Indexing Service Low Price High Performance


However, no matter how hard I worked and no matter how much quality content I wrote, and no matter how many backlinks I earned, my Google Webmaster’s  Link Report remained miserably low.   I started to think that Google was actually penalising me.  Webmasters (especially new ones) can become paranoid very quickly 🙂


Best Link Indexing
Best Link Indexing Service


The Best Link Indexing  Service

This sad back link misery went on for months.  Until by pure chance I stumbled on a review about a backlink indexing software.  The review mentioned the importance of using  the best possible indexing service..

I wrote to the author of the review and I protested that I was “pinging” my  backlinks, and that I also used the best paid service to submit my websites’ URL to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other directories.

The Best Link Indexing Service Low Price High Performance


The answer I received surprised me.  Pinging and submitting  is a total waste of time unless it is done in a “certain way”.  Of course he would not tell me what that “certain way” was,  but he was happy to offer me a “good deal”.

So somewhat reluctantly I parted with my money and gave him a list of my best backlinks that I was wanting to rank.

Within 4 weeks, one by one, all the backlinks in the list started to appear on my Google Webmaster Tools site.

Spurred by the success I witnessed and by the high cost of hiring a backlink indexing SEO,  I embarked on a long search for the best indexer software at the lowest possible price.

If you have been looking for quality indexer software you will already know that it is expensive, complicated to use and problematic.

To make things even worse,  One night while using a prominent indexer software I was shocked by a message flashing on my screen.

The message read  “Are you human?  Prove it!”  and a Catchall Ichallenge appeared.  IN MY OWN BROWSER!

I later realized that all Internet Providers can detect “unusual” traffic and terminate  your connection for “spamming”.

I also learned that internet search-engines can penalize and entire IP address if they detect what they consider to be unethical behaviour by one pc operator.

Now there is nothing unethical about promoting URLs associated with your site.  But the robotic repetition of the indexer program can resemble the actions of a bot.  With apparent disastrous results.

When I wrote to the developer he simply suggested I get a proxy IP to cover up my actions.   Something that I definitely did not want to do and could not afford to do at the time.

I don’t know  about you,  but I have better things to do with my time than spending hours driving the indexer, risking being banned utilizing my PC power that way.

Below you can find the answer to all my challenges.  I no longer use the indexer.  and I can integrate the service below with the API (a special code they give me) with the monitoring application that I use.

As soon as I generate a new page,  the API lets me index  the page automatically.

I will discuss the monitoring application on a separate review.

I strongly suggest you act on this review today.  Use the link below and get a free week trial membership.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Now that you know how important link and back link indexing is I strong recommend you do the same.   The back linking system I use is inexpensive (compared to the high costs of SEO experts).

I also like the friendly support and the many extra features they provide me.  Give them a try,  they offer a full money back guarantee and even a free trial period.

To your success 🙂