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Where are the best free stock photo sites

The Internet is all about images and videos.  In the early days of the web, it was difficult to upload images and videos.  Internet speeds were slow and the options for graphic displays were very limited.

The demand for Royalty Free Photos

Today it is a different story. Social media thrives on images and greatly encourages members to post and exchange photos.  Website designers make use of images and not text to allure and keep visitors coming.  The demand for quality Shutterstock Images and other royalty free sites is now all time high and webmasters are constantly looking for quality copyright free images.

best free stock photo sites puppy

Royalty Free Photos for video creators

Perhaps the greatest users for free stock images and royalty free photos are video creators who use them for titling and commercial advertisements.  The importance of using royalty free photos for video creators cannot be underestimated.  Using commercial images that require the payment of a fee to the model or producer each time they are shown to a viewer make it impossible for amateur and small video creators to air their videos online.

How to find the best free stock photo sites royalty free

The easiest way to find the best photo sites and free stock photos for websites is to search them in Google making use of the advanced search.  Select the Google Advanced Search Option and then place a tick in the “free for commercial use” or “free for non-commercial use” options.  Doing so you will get thousands of the best free photo sites and free images.

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The problem with free images and free stock images

The problem with using “copyright free images” downloaded from web searches is that you have no idea who uploaded the image and whether the image is really royalty free.

Irrespective whether you use the “free image” for commercial on for non-profit, you can be sued by the copyright owner.  The copyright owner can then ask a court of law to force you to pay all the moneys that your site has produced and also the estimated cost of the royalties due.  So if your site has a reasonable traffic record you can expect to be paying a huge payout to the copyright owner.  There are also damages costs and of course court costs.

The only way to make sure that you will never be faced with a claim is to only use paid royalty free stock photos for websites.  Unfortunately these are often very expensive costing from an average of $40 or more for image.

Best deals for free stock photo sites


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