Best Animated Video Backgrounds Cheap

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Best Animated Video Backgrounds Cheap

The Best Animated Video Backgrounds Cheap and Beautiful!  They are finally here.

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Beautiful cheap animated video backgrounds

These animated video backgrounds may be the cheapest you will ever find–but they are also the most beautiful.

Most royalty free animated backgrounds cost from $28 upwards for ONE.  This deal offers you a multitude of beautiful, easy to use backgrounds you can use on your own productions!

What you get when you buy this special offer Best Animated Video Backgrounds Cheap

  • Each of 40 (Fourty) Designs Comes With Ten+ Different Color Schemes, Totalling OVER 400 Backgrounds!

Here’s everything that comes with your cheap royalty free Animated Video Backgrounds

Best Animated Video Backgrounds Cheap

All video backgrounds in this set were created in full HI DEF resolution of 1080p – high quality backgrounds that look crisp, clear and beautiful in any video size or resolution.

  • 40×10+ Designs/Colors

This pack includes 40 (fourty) HD video background designs with ten different color schemes per design, in total adding up to over 400 top quality HD video backgrounds.

  • MP4 Compatibility

These video backgrounds are created in high quality MP4 format. These files are compatible with nearly any software on the market, including Easy Sketch Pro, Explaindio, Adobe After Effects and more.

  • Huge Bundle!

Contained within this package is a massive 1GB of files! These video backgrounds are highly evolving and contain lots of stored data to display to your prospects.

  • Length of Videos

Each video background plays for a full 10 seconds or more! This lengthy amount of time creates an ability to have sustained footage before it requires looping.

  • Low Price

Some video services charge you big bucks just to get access to the one video you want, others can charge you up to $29 per stock video clip, sometimes more! With Galactic Dimensions, you receive over 400 royalty free files for a super reasonable price. Don’t overpay for high quality, pick up our Set 2 now!

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