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Posted on December 5, 2014 by admin

How to rank YouTube video fast with Tube Live Command

It is no secret that YouTube and video in general have become the primary way for selling products and establishing branding.  With the advent of fast internet and super broadband speeds it is now possible to quickly stream videos and images of all sizes and resolution.  And viewers love videos and images.   So it is of no surprise that internet marketers are constantly looking for ways to rank their videos high on YouTube.  

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The demand for videos and Images is increasing

Take a look at the most prominent Internet Marketing players and you will quickly realize the importance of serving videos and pictures to an ever growing hungry audience.  Videos and pictures are the way young people communicate.  They are also favourites among people who purchase products on line.  Ask yourself this question, what would you rather be looking at if you are searching for a product on line: an endless, boring page of text or brilliant pictures and informative, entertaining videos?   Videos and pictures of course!

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Ways to rank high on YouTube

There are two ways to rank high on YouTube:  The right way (white hat) or the wrong way that gets you banned (black hat).

I am going to focus on the right way 🙂  because at webmastertoolsblog we detest spammy links and nasty spinned articles.  

The right way to rank high on YouTube is to work with the principles that Google loves so much.

  1.  Provide informative and original content.
  2.  Solve a problem.  Google want the internet to be a problem solving resource as well, of course, a source of good entertainment.
  3.  Clearly identify your audience and speak to that audience.  In other words, know your audience and speak their language.
  4.  Provide more resources from authority and trusted sites for further study and exploration. 
  5. Offer an intelligent and effective navigation system.  And yes, you can fulfil point 4 and 5 with a video.  Have you already figured out how?  In the video description of course!  Make sure to alway add your website address and also a valuable and reliable source of information (for example a Wipideia article).  All this can go into the video description
  6. Be very selective about the Title, the description and the Tags of the video.   Unlike websites, the Google Spider must totally rely on the title, description and tags of the video to determine what the film is all about.  Google spiders are smart but they cannot (yet) interpret the content of movies, animations and pictures.  So you must tell the spider what the film is all about if you want it to rank higher.  Tags should include all the words associated with the topic you of the script.  Make sure to include associated expressions also.  Lately Google is paying a lot of attention to these. 
  7. Transcripts are also important.  If you video contains voiceovers make sure to include a transcript.  This is useful to both viewers with special needs and to your overall SEO effort.  Once again the script will go a long way to tell Google what your vid is all about
  8. Make sure no to spam your title, description and tags by repeating and stuffing keywords.  That kind of behaviour will make ensure that your creation will never be found in the first ten pages.  Instead, be creative and include expressions that are related to the topic of your content and that people associated with the content are likely to use in their every day discussions.

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Avoid aggressive listing.  Google has a special eye for its predilect child.  YouTube is fast becoming Google's main source of income, with ads sales dropping, increased competition, general discontent with its rapid deteriorating Search Engine quality of results due to all the silly and diabolical "fixes" which has damaged the Google Search Engine value for research purposses and reliability (when you use Google you don't see what's on the Internet, you see only what Google wants you to see on the Internet).  Google has become the self elected grandma censor of the Internet and unfortunately in the pricess it has also lost all credibility in reliable search returns.

Fortunately Google has had the good sense of leaving YouTube alone, and unless your vid is about hatred, gross sex scenes and nasty behaviour or gross plagiarims, your creation will be indexed and served if viewers ask for it.   Which is exactly what a good search engine should do.  Google is also incredibly fast at indexing You Tube videos.  

These videos carry ads and the ads are an excellent source of income for them.  So they WANT you to upload interesting videos that are appealing and interesting and they will even help you promote them.   There is no question about it, YouTube being the least controlled is the most popular and the most profitable part of the Google empire now.  

So, please do not start spamming the Search Engine with diabolical black hat techniques hoping to push your creation up the line–it will have the opposite effect.   In fact you don't have to index at all. Simply hit upload and submit.  Google will do the rest for you.   If your content is good and if you have followed the advice in this article, your video will rank high.

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SEO Optimizing is not enough

You may ask, if everyone does what you say then there is no way for everyone to rank high, after all there are only a few spots in the first 10 pages are they not?

Well the answer is yes, that is true.  But there are other strategies you can use that can and will help you rank your videos higher, not just on Google but also on all hte search engines.  The product we are promoting is one of the better ones and one oif the smarter ones, not to mention one of the best priced.

This wonderful software will help you push your creation up high in Google and it will also give you the opportunity to schedule when your videos appear.  This is priceless if you are conducting a live product launch for example.

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