Rent A Serp wordpress plugin

Rent A Serp WordPress Plugin

Rent A Serp is a clever WordPress plug in developed by Mario Cimmino. The plugin installs on a hosted WordPress site.

Rent A Serp can be as automatic as you wish it to be. However it also offers some nifty customization options for those who like that kind of thing.

Personally I like my software to do the work for me wherever possible. And Rent A Serp claims to offer just that.

Rent A Serp comes in two parts..

  • the Rent A Serp plug in
  • and the Rent A Serp Theme.

You can purchase the Rent A Serp plugin on its own, but personally I would not recommend this.

The theme will help you greatly get started; and unless you are an experienced WordPress PhP author,  and know how to build WordPress sites that rank well, I suggest you purchase the Rent A Serp Theme alongside the Plugin.

Rent A Serp WordPress Plug in at work


If the concept you just saw demonstrated in the video excites you, than I suggest you do not procrastinate. Rent A Serp prices will go up very soon.

Rent A Serp

Rent A Serp Plugin

I also imagine that as the software becomes more established the authors will be tempted to increase the price dramatically. So if you like the idea of this plug in – Act now.

If you do not know what WordPress then you are in luck. WordPress is without any doubt the Webmaster platform of the future because of the amazing features it offers over HTML sites.

Thousands of developers are now working exclusively on producing WordPress Plugins.   Very soon we will be offering a video training course for WordPress—bot of that later.

Rent A SerpGive it a try and as always please do post your opinions and views on this product.  We want to receive constructive reviews of all the products featured on this site.  Hate mail and irrational posts will not see the light of day here, so please make sure your posts are polite, factual and helpful.

Good luck with it


Rent A Serp WordPress Plugin


Did you buy the RentASerp Software?


If not please make sure to buy it now The price has already gone up slightly and will continue to go up as the program becomes more and more popular.

If you are thinking about getting this amazing product then act now! 

Click on the banner below and purchase RentASerp before continuing to read this page.

 Rent A Serp


If you have purchased the RentASerp Software you are in for a treat. 

The producers of RentASerp have put together a step-by-step video program that will help you speed up your success. 

Even if you are an experienced online trader There is no harm in getting more knowledge is there?

Take a look a the video below and you will quickly realise how important it is to maximise your earning potential with RentASerp.


The cost of the the video series is ridiculous
considering what you are about to get in value.

Why waste time making errors and having to recover from incorrect decisions which will cost you money, when you can benefit from the vast experience of two
successful online marketing experts?

14 Days Landlord

14 Days Landlord video series.

Good luck!

PS Work the software for 60-90 days and then come back
to this page.  Please post your experiences (you must be registered to do this) as they will benefit all the other members.