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YouTube Videos Can Reach Millions Of Viewers

Whether you are a musician, an author or just a website owner wanting to increase exposure to your idea and RSS feed, a well designed YouTube show can literally put you on the map in minutes.

You have heard the story of the youngster that put his music on YouTube and went on to become one of the most popular singers in the world–yep it all started with a YouTube film!

Of course for every YouTube success there are unfortunately tens of thousands of failures. The films are great and the JPG title image is brilliant, but the vid is simply not getting any views. Additionally, there are literally millions of other publishers competing for the first page and they are all also very, very good.

What to do? How do you get your new show to appear on You Tube? Are there any advanced techniques that you can learn to make it happen? What SEO strategies can you use to get views, likes, subscribers and shares?

The First Step
To Increasing YouTube Views

There are certain issues that you need to address BEFORE you publish your video. These are important steps which will help you get traffic to your channel and associated website.

It is called planning. You need to plan your script so that it delivers your message, product or idea in an entertaining and pleasing way–one which will engage your viewers and cause them to click on the like and subscribe button. Planning a script is the first essential step to success.

In order to get lots of views and increase your chances of getting viewers to subscribe and like your show, you must keep focused on one topic and stay focused on that topic–and keep it brief.

Visitors to your channel will not stay long if you ramble on for hours about a multitude of topics without offering any value whatsoever, or worse still, repeating yourself or stating the obvious.

A well planned script that includes time for each scene of the story will keep you on track and also stimulate creativity.

So for example, if you are a singer wanting an audience for your music, then start by giving a very brief introduction about your dream and what you are doing about achieving it and then sing your song.

If you do this you will establish a relationship with your viewers and send them the right message.

Of course if you are an accomplished YouTube artist, you do not need an introduction, but until you become famous, do share your dreams and goals with your viewers. If you do this you will get more likes and more subscriptions.

Keep your film short and to the point. Remember don’t bore your audience with unnecessary remarks. Be brief, interesting and to the point. And if you are an entertainer then be sure you entertain them :-)

Advanced Tips

That Will Increase Your Views

Before you upload to YouTube, prepare a title, a description and tags.
This will increase your chances of getting more views

Preparing your meta data

Keep the title to no more than 10 words, include your primary keyword once, and be sure it is grammatically correct and interesting.

Keep your description to 250-260 characters. Be concise and, once again, stay focused on one point.

Don’t try to stuff keywords; it will have the opposite effect. Instead use words that are associated with your primary keyword.

Most importantly, do not copy the title and use it as a description. Of course include the primary keyword but use it in a new and original sentence.

Once again, pay attention to grammar and spelling.

Tags should include your primary keyword, secondary keywords and other words that are associated with your theme.

A good way to get inspired is to look at the description of other successful videos.

You will not be able to see the competitors’ tags but you can guess what they are by reading the description.

Study the first ten listings in YouTube and jot down the words that you identify as primary, secondary and associated keywords.

Upload your file, and while it is uploading, update the title, description and tags. YouTube lets you work on these before publishing.

Take your time before hitting β€œpublish”. Make sure the META data is correct and then hit “publish”.

Of course you can edit these components later on, but I have found that once you have published the vid it is more difficult to get it to re-index. Depending on the load on the search engine it may take days, weeks or even months before the new title and description is indexed.

Choose a thumbnail that tells the story and that is alluring.

You are competing with thousands of other publishers, and if you create a thumbnail that is more interesting than your competitors’, you are likely to get more views.

Google lets you choose your thumbnail from images it picks automatically. You can also customize your thumbnail by uploading a picture.

If you do not see the “customize” button, it means you have not verified your account using a phone number.

Go through the verification process, and after that is done you will see the option. Use the thumbnail feature because it is a powerful attractor factor and it will definitely increase your views.


If your film includes spoken words: for example a speech or a song or a message, include a transcript. Do not stuff the transcript with keywords, be responsible. The transcript is helpful for viewers with special needs. It is also a powerful indicator of what the film is all about.

Search engine spiders are smart, but they are not yet able to interpret images. So the spider relies on your meta data to determine the theme of the content. By including a transcript with keywords you will help the spider understand and index your vid more intelligently.

This will translate into more views. If you see a vid appearing in a Google Search listing, you will find that it includes all the components I mentioned in this article.

Google wants to serve original, relevant and fresh information wherever possible. If it cannot find an article that fits the search keyword it will post a video. This can be your production if you are our customer :-)

Promoting your YouTube film

You can promote your vids using a responsible attitude or choosing nasty black hats techniques.

Promoting responsibly will get you increased traffic, views, likes and subscriptions.

Using black hat techniques may get you a large number of views and likes in a day or so, but it will also get your account banned by Google. Once your channel is gone for using black hat trickery your channel will show the sad and scary icon and all the films will cease showing.

A message will also appear stating that your channel is in violation of Google terms of service. You can imagine what that will do to your reputation and authority. Not to mention that you will lose all your subscribers.

So in short-Do not use black hat techniques :-)

Do not purchase views or likes or subscribers.

There are lots of gigs offering thousands of guaranteed views. They will even go as far as stating that the service involves real viewers.

Your first questions should be “how?” It is not possible to pay 2500 people to click on your view or like, and then charge $5 for the service and still make a profit right?

Would you click on the view button of a YouTuber that you have never heard of even if you do see it listed in a social post? No! Right?

The only way that this can be achieved is by using robots that mimic human clicking. The problem with doing that is that Google’s spiders are now very sophisticated and they can instantly detect a bot.

If this happens, your channel will be cancelled. Serious offenders can even have their IP banned. This of course will cause you additional problems with your system administrator and internet service provider.

My advice is to avoid services that offer instant, guaranteed thousands of subscribers. Unless you are a rock star or personality, you cannot generate that kind of instant response online.
The Responsible Way
To Promote Your YouTube Videos
Why play nasty tricks when you can get views and likes and channel subscriptions the right way?
  • Share your vid with your Facebook account. Even if you only have a few friends, Google will notice the share and this will help rank your show a little more.
  • Ask your friends to share your YouTube link. Google loves social engagement, and the more social engagement you get, the better your ranking.
  • Get links to your YouTube Channel. Write a letter (a standard postal letter) to associations, interested parties and possible sources of links. Ask for a link to help you get started. Links and shares that go to your YouTube film are extremely useful.
  • If you stand to make money with YouTube, consider advertising in the local media (newspapers). Internet advertising through Search Engine and banners can be ineffective if there are thousands of other publishers competing for the same keyword. Printed media ads stand alone and are still a viable way to get a message across fast.
Using My YouTube promotion
30 Day service to increase views.
My service offers a 30 Day Promotion Program.

I promote your YouTube film to people who WANT to watch videos. These are real visitors who, each day, look for new shows to watch.

The service generates natural and real visitors over a 30 day period of time.

There is no telling how many you will get, but you will definitely see them trickling in each day. If you have used the tips I have described on this page you will also get more than just views.

People love to help and support budding YouTube artists and publishers. And if you tell them your dreams and ask them to click on the like button, they will do so; not only, you are also likely to inspire others to do the same.

My customers get an average of 300 views per month and up to 30 likes per month (of course, I cannot guarantee how many likes you will get).

The cost of this promotion is only $10. At the moment I am very busy and there is a seven day delay from the moment you order the job.

If you are in a hurry you have the option to purchase two levels of fast service.

Of course, I will always try to start on your job as soon as possible and I have surprised many of my customers.

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