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infographic maker how to make an infographic

infographic maker how to make an infographic

Here is awesome infographic maker that lets you make an infographic online with just a few clicks.  

I am already using it for creating data visualization, flowcharts, and statistical charts for my blog. I absolutely love it and I know that you will love it too.  This is an easy infographic maker that will delight you and help you unleash your creativity.

The program I am promoting helps me create cool infographics without any technical knowledge how to make an infographic.

If you are actively involved in the word wide web, you already know that images and graphics are the lifeblood of any online activity.  Of course, video is the preferred way to deliver information.

However, an interesting trend has developed recently that is causing visitors to bypass the play button.  

The overuse of lengthy explainer videos and the quirky and totally annoying blackboard videos are turning people off.

This is having a negative psychological effect on consumers.  Have you found yourself abandoning these videos they moment they start?  I do that automatically–enough said.

There is a new way to get the message across faster and more efficiently.  That new way is infographics.


 infographic maker how to make an infographic

Important when buying this infographic maker online

  • I strongly recommend you purchase the MAXI-500 additional offer.  
    • This offer includes many more cool infographic templates that are ready made for you to alter.
    • If you did not purchase the MAXI templates offer you can still buy it by clicking on this link.
    • Some of the cool infographics you see in the video are from the MAXI template upgrade.  If you like them please make sure to upgrade.
    • Make sure to use the same e-mail you used when you purchased your first order.


Would you like to make parallax graphics?  Get this upgrade


  • The next upgrade is the Mini Video ELITE Edition
  • Mini videos are an absolute must for online marketers.  You use the mini video when you do not want to use a full-blown video for your presentation.  Sometimes images are not enough to get the message across, but video would be an overkill.  This is where minivideos are perfect.  There is an excellent explanation for mini videos and how to use them here.
  • Once again, please make sure to use the exact e-mail address you used when you purchased the infographics creator or you will not see the upgrade in your account.  More information on mini video creating here.



What is an infographic and why I use an infographic maker

An infographic is a graphic that delivers information logically and intelligently.  Good infographics can serve information quickly and clearly.  

Infographics appeal to marketers, educators, the media and to anyone that needs to get a message across fast and minimize confusion and misunderstanding.

One ideal system that comes to mind is to use an infographic in combination with a lengthy explainer video.  

The infographic tells the visitor the full story in an instant.  The video directly under the infographic is there if the visitor is interested and wants to know more.

One thing I have learned is that visitors will never forgive you if you waste their time.  They leave and never return, even if the quality of your site improves.

I use an infographic maker because I do not have the time to learn Photoshop.  I also cannot justify the costs involved in buying complex image editors.  One day maybe I will buy Photoshop and learn it, but not now.


How to make an infographic fast and easy

The infographic maker I use makes creating cool infographics child play.  It really is that good! And it is fun.  I know I will be using this graphic software for all my graphic needs.  

Take a look at the infographics below.  It took me less than 5 minutes to create them with this awesome infographic maker.


infographic maker how to make an infographic


Not Just An Infographic Maker

I bought this product purely because I was looking for

  • an online graphic editor and content creator.  
  • a graphic software that was easy to use.
  • lots of quality templates and royalty-free images I could use without fear of being sued.

Little did I know that this awesome online software also offered me the opportunity to automatically post to my Social Media.  I recently created and posted a simple business software advertisement graphic on my Facebook How To Be Creative page.  It was a striking image and it carried a valid point to my subscribers.

Within minutes people started sharing this image.  It has not gone viral yet, but if people continue to share it, there is every chance that it will.  

In any case, this is free viral traffic I started with 5 minutes of work–not bad!.

infographic maker how to make an infographic updated 29 November 2016.