What is CTR how to rank your site

Posted on November 7, 2015 by admin

What is CTR and why is it important

CTR stands Click Through Rate.  Click Through Rate is the common thread and most  important factor that defines engagement and affects rank.  Engagement rank is more important that any other factor in SEO at the moment.

It is important that we have a high CTR and a low Bounce Rate.  A Bounce Rate is when someone comes to your site and then quickly hits the back button.  That is highly damaging to your site.

Quality visitors and what is CTR value to a site

A good natural flow of visitors to your site is of the utmost importance to the CTR
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The types of the CTR

Direct click-through are searches that click directly to a specific link or a YouTube video.  YouTube and social engagement and backlinks for example Wikipedia backlinks are very important to help your CTR and engagement.  This is because people will stop on your site and watch a video.  This means spending more time on your website.

What is CTRGet real quality Wikipedia backlinks and Linkedin Shares

What is CTR Brand Terms

This reinforces a brand and brings authority to a brand.  If you have enough people searching for a brand name or navigational term, this action alone will give the product or site “weight”.

What is Ctr in SEO

So the more “site weight” your site has and the more “brand authority” it has will cause you to outrank other sites that have no brand.

So it pays to brand your site and not be generic–this point alone will cause you to realise what is CTR and how important it is to have the correct Click Through Ration and site branding.  It makes sense, if your site has a brand name which has a high number of searches after it, than that site is deemed to be more trustworthy.

For example in our case our brand is WebMasterToolsBlog.   Or one of our sister site’s brand is Webspecials.  These are a combination of brand and keywords.  If you don’t have a brand name make one up and use it from now on.

What is CTR and where you can find at Click Through Rate Calculator

It is important to realise that there is such a thing as abusing CTR searches.  If you spam the search engines by buying excessive CTR your site will be penalised.

So keyword searching must be “natural” and “real”.  Never never use robots unless you want your site to be slapped and whacked out of the register.

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What is CTR referral click-through.

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