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Posted on May 1, 2015 by admin

How to make your website mobile friendly with WordPress

According to the doomsayers if your site is not mobile browser compatible it will sink in the great cyberhole and never be seen again.   So webmasters are rushing to purchase WordPress developers time in order to fix their websites for mobile compatibility issues and getting a mobile friendly website.

The facts are that you don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to make your website mobile friendly.  If your website is on a WordPress platform all you need is this wonderful WordPress mobile friendly plugin.  You don’t even have to learn how to make a website mobile friendly, all of that hard work has already been done for you.  And that is what I like about WordPress plugins.  They make people’s lives easier.

WordPress Plugin for Mobile FriendlyLearn how to make your website mobile friendly at Dr. Web

WordPress plugin fixes mobile compatibility make your website mobile friendly

So here is the good news.  If you run a WordPress site, WordPress blog or if you are a WordPress site developer, all you need to do is to purchase this inexpensive plugin, install it activate it and you are in business.  Instantly you convert site to mobile friendly and you are no longer at risk of getting a Google slap.

The Dr. Web site also offers a paid installation service which includes the cost of the plugin and a few dollars for the installer.   If you prefer that option then all you have to do is send the $50 fee with your WordPress address, username and password.

If you prefer you can set up an account for the tech giving Admin privileges and when the installation of the mobile friendly plugin is completed you can delete the account.


WordPress Plugin for Mobile Friendly


It’s important to make your website mobile friendly

Please do not ignore Google’s message. Especially if your income depends on your website or if you are running Adsense websites.  There is every indication that  if you don’t make your website mobile friendly, your site will be damaged by the new algorithm and once it drops from the front page it will be very difficult to put it back there again.   So make use of the Google mobile friendly tool to check your WordPress site.

Remember, with this new plugin it is not necessary for you to learn how to make a mobile website, or coding for a mobile responsive site, all you do is buy the plugin and activate it.  Your first questions should be: Is my website mobile friendly and then run a mobile friendly test.

And even if it is, I strongly suggest you get the plugin.  You never know what updates will take place to your theme.  And all it takes to cause your site to become not compatible is a coding error in your theme update.  Invest the few dollars (it is a ridiculous amount).  It is a once only payment and you can install it in as many WordPress sites as you like.


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