motion parallax effect how to make parallax effect online

Posted on December 3, 2016 by adminmotion parallax effect how to make parallax effect online

motion parallax effect how to make parallax effect online

In this post, I will explain what is a motion parallax effect, and how to make parallax effect online easily and fast.

Animated images, marketing videos and GIF graphics are popular tools for online marketers.  The World Wide Web is hungry for special effects and animated images. 

Static images are still a valuable asset for online marketers.  Let’s face it unless you are a scientific researcher, you are highly unlikely to remain on a website that has no images.


The motion parallax effect and animated images great for special website offers

Animated images are great, but here is a word of warning.  Do not be tempted to overuse the motion parallax effect on your website—more is not better.

A web page full of moving graphics and blinking “buy me buttons” will utterly confuse and irritate your visitors.  In all cases, such sites are less likely to command trust.



motion parallax effect how to make parallax effect online


how to make parallax effect posts that resolve well
Use your motion parallax image to guide the attention of your visitor to a major feature of the product or service you are offering. Most importantly, use only one moving graphic per page and place it in the centre of your page—not at the top. 

If you have more images that offer more valuable information on the same topic—use a separate post.   In other words, avoid making the “cramming” mistake that many webmasters make.   Use separate posts and make sure you link them to the original, featured post for your product or service.


how to make parallax effect posts load faster

Make sure to optimise your animated images (you should really optimise all images before you load them on your website). 

GIF graphics (most animated images and parallax effect graphics are GIF) are larger than standard JPGs.  This is because they have to serve more information.

Large image file sizes put a heavy load on servers—especially if you are using a shared service. 

For example, I have seen such sites return a 500 error.  This is true especially if you are hosting with shared host providers.  

Admittedly some shared hosting providers are better than others.  There is one major provider that is notoriously nasty when it comes to sites that generate more traffic. 

I battled with their inefficient support and poor performance for years until I found a better deal.


motion parallax effect how to make parallax effect online


Another alternative to serving motion parallax effect

If you really must serve a large number of motion parallax effect images on your website, consider doing this …

  • turn them parallax effect photographs into a video. 
  • upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo (pro if you are selling products or the awesome Amazon S3
  • get an embed code
  • use the embed code to show the video on your website

In fact, you could use this tip to show even one parallax effect image—all you have to do is put the video in a loop and automatically start it!  This is what I did on the video embedded on this site!  🙂


Example of parallax effect use in a video script

In this post, I needed to show you a few examples of the parallax effect.  I could upload one picture each of the animated graphics—but a the cost of slowing down the page load speed.  Page speed load is a big factor in search engines.

So I created a video of the parallax examples and created a video.  The video self-loads and loops quickly showing you the awesome effect of these images.

In a future post, I will show you what video player I used to achieve this effect.  If you want to know how I did it, make sure to subscribe to my tweets and like my Webmastertoolsblog Facebook Page.

Motion parallax effect how to make parallax effect update 3 December 2016.