manage multiple wordpress sites plugin

Posted on July 31, 2015 by admin

Manage multiple WordPress sites plugin

Managing multiple WordPress sites wastes time and money

Installing multiple WordPress sites is a time consuming and monotonous and totally boring task.  Yet it is necessary.  We have several excellent products that help you streamline that task.

When it comes to manage multiple WordPress sites manually the old system way, is not only inefficient, it is also financially limiting.  It makes sense does it not,  logging in and logging out of a WordPress site accessing plugins and pages and posts can take up to 10 to 20 minutes per site.   If you are an internet marketer with several hundred sites (that is the average for niche marketing) you will have to live to the ripe old age of 120 to be able to access, update and post content to all of the sites.

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Plugin

Manage multiple WordPress sites plugin that manages all WP sites

Let alone the time that it will take you to write content.  If you manage WordPress sites, you also know that adding content to WordPress is a laborious task if you have to log in and log out of each site manually.   Then you have to actually write the content which is yet again another drainer of valuable time.

In my view smart internet marketing is about spending time in the most efficient way–that is, discovering new niches and creating new markets.  So the internet marketer is “creating” ideas and discovering new concepts for bringing quality products to visitors.  It is NOT about getting bogged down in technical issues and repetitive, unproductive tasks such as remembering passwords, and moving from one WordPress to another.

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Plugin

manage multiple WordPress sites plugin that helps you manage content

Is there a plugin that helps you how to manage multiple sites from one desktop.  A plugin that shows you a snapshot of each site front page and that,. most importantly allows you to post content directly from one desktop.  Not only, but also help you find writers who can write your content and manage them, once again, from one desktop.  How much would you pay for that system?  Other internet marketers are paying hundreds of dollars for manage multiple WordPress sites systems.   Because you are lucky visitor to the Webmaster Tools Blog you will not be paying hundreds, not even near.

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