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Posted on November 6, 2014 by admin

Finding the best hosting provider

There was a time when my hosting needs were very basic and, actually rather boring.

I was publishing HTML sites, mostly one page or two page sites that barely needed a hosting provider. They could have very well be a PDF document 🙂

In those days I thought these were masterpieces and I was very proud of them. I even managed to get quite a few of “one site stands” o rank on the first page of Google. Some of them are still there in fact.

My needs for a presence on the word wide web were very basic. Most of my business interests relied pretty heavily on printed media, television and radio advertising–and of course customers’ referrals.

So the websites I hosted were static, devoid of any widgets and gadgets and, yes, a little on the boring side of things. However, they worked very well and they also generated a lot of sales and referrals. This was due to the fact that I always chose to offer the best possible information to my visitors. I also refreshed the information to keep it current. So the sites worked

Modern complex sites require the best hosting services

Then I was introduced to Word Press and widgets and plugins and PHP scripts and all the other things that I cannot even pronounce that combined make Word Press the most exciting and enjoyable and liberating internet publishing experience I can ever have at my level of expertise.

All of the sudden WordPress developers caused me to utilize more and more features from my hosting providers–features that had laid dormant unused for years 🙂

I also noticed that some oh the hosting providers started to buckle at the seams and fall apart when the new load appeared. This was a most frustrating experience because I also discovered that the support service from these hosting providers was shocking and inadequate. And in almost cases when they did respond they simply deflected their responsibility to me or the plugin developer.

In other words I was left to figure out the problems all my myself.

After purchasing a new complex software from a supplier and after installing it on one of these highly advertised but very poor hosting services. The plug in asked me for a supporting program to be activated on the server.

Best support from a hosting provider that truly cares

So I contacted the hosting provider and referred them to the request note. Their answers totally surprised me. They basically asked me to upgrade to a VPN system (a private server system) which would have cost me hundreds of dollars per month.

So THAT was the moment when I decided that it was time to shift hosts.


Finding the best internet hosting service is easy with Hostgator

I contacted the plugin developer and they without hesitation suggested Hostgator
Hostgator hosting was created by an internet marketing specialist–someone who understands the needs of internet marketers.

Most of the support staff at Hostgator are experience and intelligent technicians. Not all of them are the same, but the average level of smartness and care is well above the average. In fact I dare say they are the smartest team of support techs I have dealt with in 20 years.

The owner is deeply involved and is extremely competent and intelligent and will always kick in and help when more complex issues arise.

The setup process is very easy, although their desktop installer is a little lame. I don’t use it at all as I find it confusing. The online interface is brilliant easy and the Cpanel is clear and easy to use with state of the art features.

I have retained two other hosting providers alongside Hostgator but if I had to choose one hosting provider it would be them.

I love the instant service and care and the robust and super fast servers. I love the ease of operation and the fact that they are reliable and offer all the features and additional software that plugins require. Their WordPress installation module is second to none and so easy to use.

As an ethical internet marketer I have vowed to only promote products that I have successfully used which offer value for money and that actually work.
Hostgator definitely fits in this category. I highly recommend them.

Give them a try and opt in for their 14 days trial–you will not regret it.

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