Green screen effects on videos chroma key

Posted on January 12, 2016 by admin

Green screen effects chroma key

This post will help you learn how to use a green screen and will provide you valuable resources and green screen effects that will help you create green screen videos easily and fast.  After Effects Green Screen does not need to be difficult or expensive to use.  

I will show you how to use the technology easily even if you have never used it before and if you are new to video editing.  

I believe that the best video editing software MUST be smart and intuitive and MUST NOT ask the user to spend hours of learning and reading through forums and posts or researching How to Fix Green Screen on Videos.

Chroma Key Green Screen Effects

The first time I saw green screen on videos was when I was learning how to use my Chroma Key Video Editor.  But I soon learned that having a good green screen editor is not enough.  You need green screens, green screen effects, green screen lighting skills, and of course the green screen background.

How does a green screen work

The technology behind the video green screen effects may seem to be complex at first.  In reality, once you have learned Using a Green Screen and if you have the right green screen program, this awesome video technology is so easy to use.  If you use the tips I am giving you you will easily learn How to Make a Green Screen Video in minutes.

The chroma key system is used by all the major movie creators to create green screen effects and those awesome special effects that we all love.  For example the Star Wars Movie series (great fan) are possible because of the green screen effects and chroma key green technology.  Without it there would not be a Star Wars Movie Series.

The concept behind green screen effects is very simple.

  • Place a green screen or blue screen (yes blue screen technology is also widely used where objects, scenarios or peoples’ clothing are green).
  • Shoot the video or film
  • Replace the green or blue screen with a picture or video of your choice and instantly a new video appears with the new background.

Pre-made green screen on videos

Right Now You Can Buy Actors On Green Screen At A Ridiculous Price

Now that you know how does a green screen work and have a the correct editor, you can now start making your own green screen videos.  However, you will find that creating green screens is time consuming and very expensive.  Especially if you are shooting videos of people.  Actors cost a lot of money to hire, and there are also royalties and other legal issues that you need to consider.

So the answer is to buy ready made, royalty free green screen effects that you can use over and over again for yourself and (if you purchased the developer license) your customers.

The special offer we are promoting comes at an incredible low price for both the standard license and developer license.  I strongly suggest you purchase the developer license even if you are not selling your videos at the moment.

I guarantee that once you have experimented with green screen background technology, you will fall in love with it and people will want to buy your services to make videos for them–that is what happened to me.

The best and cheapest green screen effects on video

Green Screen Effects

Take a look at how easy it is to use these wonderful ready made royalty free green screen effects, this is what you get:

  • 18 Different Actors in all (Male & Female)
  • Comes With Over 100 Different Videos!
  • 100% Unique & Original Footage
  • Over 10 Video Categories (Dancing, Happy, Angry, Shopping etc.)
  • 1080p HD Videos (Ideal for Editing)
  • Compatible with All Top Video Editors.

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