Best Web Hosting 2016 Lifetime Hosting

Posted on October 17, 2016 by admin

Best Web Hosting 2016 Lifetime Hosting

Looking for the best web hosting?  Most webmasters, especially those who are just staring are burdened by the increasing web hosting costs and decreasing service.

In our view the offer we are promoting today is without any doubt the best web hosting 2016 deal.

Many of the listed best web hosting providers in 2013 have been swallowed up by large corporations–so up go the price of web hosting and down goes the good service provided.

We have personally witnessed this with one major host provider.  When they started it would only take a few hours to get an answer to a support ticket.

Our last experience was that we waited for 4 days only to receive a very badly worded broken English reply that completely failed to answer our questions.

best web hosting lifetime hosting deal

Best Web Hosting Prices Are Increasing Every Year

So you sign up for a $2.95/mo. hosting and are so happy at the “bargain”  then the renewal comes and you are shocked that the renewal is $12.95/month and sometimes even a 400% price increase?

Has it happened to you?  It has happened to us

The Best Web Hosting Provider Is Lifetime Hosting

How would you like to sign up for a domain hosting service that only charges you ONCE for the lifetime of your domain?  Yes, you read right!

Lifetime Hosting is now available to a few very lucky (and you are lucky because you are here reading this) visitors.

Right now lifetime hosting for your domains is available at an incredible, ridiculous low price.  You can start from a very low 1 domain hosting, or 4 domains or 12 domains or even more.  To jump on this deal click on the Start Now Button.

Still here?  Watch this video which will show you more details about this best web hosting website offer.


best web hosting lifetime hosting deal

Lifetime hosting that you can trust best web hosting for small business

Many of our subscribers will ask: “But Alex, how do I know that they will be in business for a lifetime?”

Good question!  The answer is that the company offering this special early bird deal has been in the business of offering shared hosting for many years.  They also offer VPN and other products to corporations and large businesses.  They have a solid sales record of millions of dollars in hosting products.

Best web hosting for wordpress and for blogs

If you love WordPress as much as we do and enjoy blogging this type of hosting is ideal for you.

A lifetime hosting is without any doubt the best web hosting for blogs because you will no longer need to worry about paying hosting fees and if you are lucky you may even get a free domain name renewal.

Not just an excellent domain hosting provider but also a fast domain web service.

Google “Site Performance for Webmasters” tell us that site speed is a very strong ranking factor.

Your lifetime hosting offers you a faster site which will give your visitors a better user experience.  

John Mueller of Google explained on Google’s Webmaster Central Help Forum: “We’re seeing an extremely high response-time for requests made to your site (at times, over 2 seconds to fetch a single URL). This has resulted in us severely limiting the number of URLs we’ll crawl from your site”

More benefits of purchasing lifetime web hosting

– Faster loading websites (better hardware, software & support)
– cPanel Control Panel
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Free Website Builder
– One-click Installer for WordPress, etc…
– 24/7 Technical Support

Best web hosting reseller program

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for the lifetime hosting service, check out the options you will be offered after you purchase your initial service.  There is no better reseller offer available at the moment, of this I am certain.

Please don’t delay acting on the Early Bird Release Offer.  The last time this company offered Lifetime Hosting they were inundated with orders.

best web hosting lifetime hosting deal

To your success


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