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YouTube account terminated how to recover YouTube account

YouTube account terminated how to recover YouTube account

Your YouTube Account Can Be Deleted, Anytime, Without Warning!

Google has become a nasty giant bully with no ears.  Its over-reliance on robots for every aspect of YouTube operations is creating massive problems for YouTube Channel owners.

One example was receiving a notice of copyright infringement I received recently for a video which I created and recorded with my own voice.

I successfully appealed this stuff up—more waste of time and aggravation–but you get the drift.

how to recover YouTube account

How to recover YouTube account

It’s all going to pot YouTube – go recover YouTube

Up until now the only way to recover your deleted YouTube account was to “appeal” to the robots.

This is not only a total waste of time and money but it is also one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have. 

Being totally fobbed off by a computer is infuriating and even counterproductive.  The computer defends itself by blocking your e-mail.

Don’t believe me it happens?  Watch this video below from one of Google YouTube largest contributor.


how to recover YouTube account

Recover deleted YouTube videos and metadata instantly

The other alternative is to re-upload all your videos to a new or different channel.  This is incredibly time-consuming.

One of our subscribers who had their YouTube account terminated took 3 months to complete the process.  Unfortunately, they ended up missing several videos in the process that they had not backed up.


Recover old YouTube account with one click

Fortunately for us, all that is a thing of the past.  There is now a new software that backups all your YouTube videos and metadata information.


how to recover YouTube account


How to recover YouTube account easily and fast

This brand new YouTube Channel backup tool PROTECTS and SAVES the YouTube videos you can’t afford to lose!

  • Cloud-based syncing… store your videos safely and privately on your S3 or Dropbox accounts, without clogging up your hard drive
  • Save everything… backup your videos, titles, description, captions, stats and even your channel settings, nothing is lost!
  • Set and forget… automatically backs up to 100 of your channel’s videos, including new videos that you add, giving you protection, 24/7.
  • Local backup… download and store videos locally, perfect for editing.
  • Rapid restore… quickly restore all your videos, channel settings, captions, titles, descriptions, and tags to a new YouTube channel in seconds!
  • Massive protection… Store and restore up to 100 videos per channel, including your channel settings and video data, automatically!


how to recover YouTube account


YouTube account has been terminated my own experience

About five years ago I created a free meditation channel on YouTube.  I created my own video, recorded my own voice, purchased royalty free music and images.

My work was free and I opted out from monetizing the video.

Two years later my channel had over 1 million views and more than 30,000 loyal subscribers.

And then YouTube Robots decided that I had “repeatedly violated” their guidelines and the channel was gone. 

The facts are that I had never before violated YouTube Rules. I had also never had a strike against my channel before.  Indeed, all my videos had very few dislikes and a ton of positive and grateful comments.


YouTube recovery is just not possible when communicating with robots

Appealing to YouTube Robots for justice was the most frustrating and exhausting experience ever.  I kept going round and round in circles—finally, I gave up in disgust.

I understand this may have been the result of a technical glitch in Google YouTube robots.  Tens of thousands of channels were deleted in a similar manner.

To make things worse each video showed the ugly message telling the world that I had repeatedly violated Google YouTube guidelines. 

This constitutes defamation and slander—but, of course, I do not have the resources to take Google to court.  So until there is a class action that makes Google’s ears sting, nothing is going to change.   In this crazy society, justice is only available to the super-wealthy.

Google does not care about its users.  Whilst I am sure there are legitimate violations scammers, Google YouTube robots are hurting hundreds of thousands of small business and non-profit organizations.

All my videos are now on Vimeo and Facebook and judging by the millions of views I have received, Google YouTube is the loser. 

I personally don’t care about anything Google anymore. 

I use Bing to search the net (which offers far more accurate and relevant returns now).  Bing advertisements are also returning better ROI than ever before.

I don’t rely on Google for traffic anymore either and that is a wonderful thing.

YouTube account terminated how to recover YouTube account update 2 February 2017.